Cowboy Painting Timelapse

TutorialTrevor ConradComment

I've been meaning to record some of my painting workflow and process. This video takes you from initial illustration to final color and rendering. It's my first 'tutorial' so its a bit rough and rushed, but gives you a general idea of the process. . . my ADD kicked in at the end and I abruptly called it quits.

Let me know what ya think, is it too slow? too fast? I'd like to do a few more recordings, maybe show one with more realistic hair/fur, and I'm thinking of doing a landscape as well. . . Comments welcome below!


TutorialTrevor ConradComment

I'll be doing a more in depth write up on my go-to brushes, how I use them and how to modify and make your own. These are the brushes I use for most of my day to day work, I do have others for more specific tasks but I rarely use those. For now I'll just put a link to my essential brushes.

Download them here: Trevor's Essential Brushes