The Desolation of Film

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This past weekend I went to go see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and almost got up and left. I can assure you it wasn't because it didn't look beautiful or wasn't fun to watch, it was just way too long.

It got me thinking about a recent Kevin Spacey Speech about the rise of TV. Back in the 80's, 90's and even early 2000's TV was for second rate actors, scripts and budgets. To make it big was to be on the big screen where all the money was. Kevin brought to light the recent transition in powerful storytelling and character development that TV allowed. The mention of Breaking Bad, Girls, the Sopranos, and Game of Thrones to name a few. TV provides a much lengthier opportunity for unique story lines and character development that a single viewing in a theater just isn't equipped for.

If The Hobbit series would have been broken up into a TV series it would be AMAZING!! You'd have so much more time to explore the Beorn the bear or about the Lake town, dive into their backstories. Create nail biting cliff hangers that people would drool over, instead of holding their bladder and wishing the movie was almost over.

I know budgets still aren't the same between tv and film, but you'd have to be blind to see that the cost of creating good/believable fx and cg is so much more affordable than what it was 10 years ago. There are more and more independent artists that are creating awesome 'big screen' quality trailers for their indie films.

Feedly RSS Reader

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So I'm getting into the groove of using Feedly. My aisle mate Mr. Eggs N' Bacon, suggested it and helped me set things up a bit. You do need to download, a browser app for it. . . but once you have it, it brings in all your links from Google Reader. It also has a nice mobile version and a lot of customization options.

It took a bit of fussing with to get the look to a place where it's easy to filter through all the posts. On the left you can go to the preferences and make adjustments, and the gear icon at the top allows you to modify the layout. I prefer the 'Cards' layout for each folder and have grown accustom to having a homepage, that shows popular articles from all my folders.

Yiynova MSP19U

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I use a Cintiq at work and was considering purchasing one for my home, but wasn't ready to shell out $2,000 for a new 22in one. Even the older 21in model is tough to find online for under $1,000. I was weighing my options and busy writing down pros and cons to a home cintiq, when I stumbled across the Drawn blog post on the Yiynova MSP19U.

It's essentialy a chinese knockoff of the cintiq, I mean you buy it through a third party vendor on Amazon called Panda City. Either way, with a nice review on Drawn and a price point of only $600 I was ready and willing to give it a try.

Here's my first drawing with it while watching Jackie Brown.